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You Dumped Him/Her/Them: The Last Word1 oz [30…

You Dumped Him/Her/Them: The Last Word

1 oz [30 ml] gin
1 oz [30 ml] green chartreuse
1 oz [30 ml] freshly squeezed lime juice
1 oz [30 ml] maraschino liqueur
Ice cubes
1 fresh mint leaf

Serves 1

This classic cocktail has not only the best name but also one of the simplest preparations. Regardless of who said what, you can rest assured that you’re getting the last word with this drink. If you don’t love gin, try substituting your favorite spirit. This drink should be all about you. For the Maraschino liqueur, we like Luxardo.

Chill a coupe glass by filling it with ice water, and set aside. Take out your shaking tins, and add all the liquid ingredients to the larger one.

Throw in 5 to 7 ice cubes and shake your anger out at your ex for as long as you need (but at least for 30 seconds.)

After you separate the tins, pop the Hawthorne strainer over the one with the liquid. Empty the now-cold coupe glass and with one hand, hold your small chinois strainer over the glass while you pour the cocktail into it.

From A Woman’s Drink: Bold Recipes for Bold Women by Natalka Burian and Scott Schneider

Photo: Alice Gao / Courtesy of Chronicle Books