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Fresh Fig & Lavender Spritz ! Ingredients…

Fresh Fig & Lavender Spritz !


  1. Fresh Lavender Sprig
  2. 2 Fresh Black Mission Figs
  3. Half Lemon (Juiced)
  4. 1 tsp. honey
  5. Ice (half crushed, half cubed)
  6. Soda Water


  1. Break off a few lavender leaves from your sprig and rub them together in your hands to release their aroma. Drop them into your shaker
  2. Add juice of half a lemon & your tsp. honey.
  3. Cut one of your figs in half and scrape out the insides into the shaker
  4. Top shaker with Ice and shake until chilled.
  5. Strain liquid into a coupe glass (or glass of choice).
  6. Fill glass with crushed Ice & fill to the top with Soda.
  7. Garnish with the remainder of your lavender sprig and half of the second Fig.


  1. If you wanted to make this a boozy version – we suggest an oz. of vodka or gin!

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‘Beer ramen,’ Yuu Japanese Tapas, Vancouver,…

‘Beer ramen,’
Yuu Japanese Tapas, Vancouver, Canada 

“Balance” Wine Decanter by Nude

“Balance” Wine Decanter by Nude

Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers / The Dai…

Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers / The Daily Beast

Russian Coffee-Wine Cocktail Recipe ! Cellariu…

Russian Coffee-Wine Cocktail Recipe ! Cellarium

1½ parts vodka
2⅔ parts coffee
2⅔ parts red wine
⅓ part simple syrup

Serve in a chilled wine glass.

NOTE: Many health experts caution against mixing of alcohol with highly caffeinated drinks. So be sure to talk to your doctor about your potential mixer plans!

“Mind your Step,” Artesian London,Tropical coc…

“Mind your Step,” Artesian London,

Tropical cocktail made from Ron Zacapa 23 rum, Heron pisco, Sour Sop and orange blossom shards, served in broken sugar glass, as if the cocktail had been dropped on the floor.  

Italian Cocktail Shakers with Recipes for Cock…

Italian Cocktail Shakers with Recipes for Cocktails?1960/70

Untitled Bar, London

Untitled Bar, London

Sour Margarita Cocktail Lollipops by Melville …

Sour Margarita Cocktail Lollipops by Melville Candy

Kouichi Okamoto, “Glass Tank”

Kouichi Okamoto, “Glass Tank”