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“Sedano Fiore” by Pizzeria Toro,Inspired by G…

“Sedano Fiore” by Pizzeria Toro,

Inspired by

Georgia O’Keeffe, “Jimson Weed/White Flower No. 1″ (1932)

  • 2 oz Uncle Vals Botanical Gin
  • ½ oz celery/pepper juice (blend, run through cheese cloth)
  • Capful Chartreuse
  • Capful of Luxardo
  • 1 oz lime juice
  • One pretty, edible flower of your choosing

Build in shaker over ice, stir, strain in martini glass, and add flower.

Image Courtesy North Carolina Museum of Art

A Chartreuse Smash by @twosassafras using our …

A Chartreuse Smash by @twosassafras using our Lime Bitters that looks fantastic! Visit @twosassafras for the recipe! Cheers 🍻

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The Green Ghost cocktail

So, you like a gin and tonic but want something a bit more interesting?

First appearing in the 1937 Cafe Royal cocktail book, this is quite a mystery of a drink attributed to a Mr J.B. Hurrel. It’s one of those rare Gin drinks which really needs a good shake in order to be palatable, adds a nice amount of icy water to the potent ingredients. Don’t believe me about the potency? Here’s the recipe.


2 ounces Gin

½ ounce Green Chartreuse

½ ounce fresh lime juice (Equivalent to 1 lime).

Yup, not for the uninitiated who believe Smirnoff ice to be strong. In terms of decoration don’t bother. I love the colour of this drink, and anything on the top would detract from that in my opinion. If you add anything, make it a clean piece of twisted lime peel, just don’t go mad with sticks (or god forbid, an umbrella). Put it in a lovely clean glass and it’ll show itself off just fine. It should impress those who like both strong and distinctive flavour as well as beauty in a drink, just remember that long shake! (Yes the Gin will bruise. That’s fine, it works.)

In terms of Gin choice make sure it’s not too brash if you don’t know the persons favorite brand. I’d recommend Plymouth for most people because even I can drink that straight. It’s the main ingredient and will totally alter the entire affair. Essentially, if you enjoy any brand in a Gin and tonic it should be fine here. I believe that’s the official rule, it’s certainly mine. Enjoy!

The Diamondback

This is not a drink that could be described as “A breeze in a meadow”…

So you’ve had a hard week and you just want to punch a wall? This is a drink that’ll punch you back in the face and set you straight, rather like a Manhattan (lovers of that drink should appreciate this). A triple barrelled array of Rye Whiskey, Applejack and Green Chartreuse. Here’s the specifics…


1 ½ ounces rye whiskey

¾ ounce applejack

¾ ½ ounce green Chartreuse

Shake twice (with lemon peel the second time). Strain and serve with a Cherry more lemon peel in the glass.

Maps no longer say “here be dragons”, but they are still around. This is one of them, and I love it if I’m in a bad mood or just want to seal off the week and have a hell of a weekend. It’s an assertive drink and if you can handle it you’ll probably love it. However, I have made slight changes to the recipe. The original recipe calls of the addition of a cherry, don’t bother.  I found a tip to shake it twice, with fresh ice, and on the second shake to add lemon peel to the shaker and then to the glass as well. Also I’ve reduced the amount of Chartreuse down by ¼ of an ounce because it was simply too strong for me. But it’s all personal taste, if you don’t like it at first have a bit of a play. It may just grow on you. 

Don’t neuter it though, that’d defeat the point. I feel my changes keep the character of the original drink, and just stop the Chartreuse defeating it.