You can hand anyone a cocktail recipe, simple …

You can hand anyone a cocktail recipe, simple or complicated it doesn’t matter. It can have the specs, ingredients and methods listed, but that doesn’t mean the bartender is going to execute. It takes a drive and commitment that comes from within to decide to execute on a single cocktail or an entire menu of custom drinks.
@gokudo_mtl is one of those bars that goes the extra distance to make sure their cocktails are perfectly balanced AND visually stunning. When @to_imbibe and I helped created some cocktails for their opening menu last year, we knew that we were only part of the equation. It would be up to the bar team to execute while we looked on from afar back in Toronto. It’s so satisfying to see the incredible success that this program has had because of the dedicated owners and bartenders that serve the lucky guests day in and day out. Their passion is overwhelmingly apparent.
Pictured here: one of the last cocktails created during our portion of the project. A Mezcal and midori corpse reviver no. 2 shaken with shiso leaf. Smoky, herbaceous and citrus forward with a creamy melon sweetness to balance. #Simplexity #Omotenashi #Spiritforward (at Gokudo)